The very best in Catholic video, blogs, audio, etc. Feed your faith!

 Lifeteen is one of the premier Catholic youth ministry apostolates. Their website is packed with great blogs, videos, and more!

Twitter Follows: Christina Mead (@LT_Christina), Mark Hart (@LT_TheBibleGeek), Joel Stepanek (@LT_JStepanek)

Ascension Presents

One of the best Catholic Youtube channels around. Don't miss Fr. Mike Schmitz dropping absolute knowledge.

Twitter Follows: Fr. Mike Schmitz (@frmikeschmitz)

Steubenville Conferences

Check out the main conference site: for promo videos and recordings of past conference talks or go to for more great content for in between youth conferences.


Paradigm Clothing

Clothing made by Catholics that looks great too.


Likable Art

Catholic videos and creations of all types. If you want to make video/film or be a graphic designer or creative of any type, you have to check out this guy.

Carpe Verbum: Personal Prayer App

If you need a helpful guide that will walk you step-by-step through your daily prayer time using the Lectio Divina method, check this out! Made by youth ministers, priests, and young adults in the Diocese of Rockford with already over two hundred teens signed up!